centenary time travel

Centenary Antiques Centre ‘Vintage Grocery Store Museum’ – all photos by Sean Fennessy

abicus, the place to max out your credit.

Now Scout, with Abicus in bigger and better premises across the road

Bogey Hole by Jaysee

Taken at the Bogey Hole located in Newcastle NSW Australia.

merewether ocean baths

Just a sprint through the water - Sport

unfilled by ruth feeney- stencilling with tea leaves

Ruth Feeney: Made from used tea leaves, Unfilled is a fragile floor piece reminiscent of a mandala. The piece reflects on consumerist cycles and the value of craftsmanship in a world of mass-produced goods

vienna rose. novocastrians are amazing.

novocastrians are amazing.

nobbys, even nicer at night

nobbys, even nicer at night

scotties "fish cafe" -apparently more glamourous today than I recall it.

Scottie's, the best fish and chips place in Newcastle, Australia. 36 Scott Street, Newcastle, New South Wales