Recipe Creamy Coconut Yoghurt

Recipe Creamy Coconut Yoghurt by Tonkstar - Recipe of category Basics

Quirky Cooking: Cashew Cream

Recipe Cashew Cream by Quirky Cooking - Recipe of category Desserts & sweets

We love quinoa! It’s healthy, delicious, quick to cook, high in protein, contains all the amino acids (so is great for vegetarians), contains no gluten, is […]

Been wanting to try quinoa for ages - Quirky Cooking: Garlic Quinoa

Coconut Milk Mayonnaise [Paleo, vegan, dairy free]

Coconut Milk Mayonnaise is made by *emulsifying oil, milk, garlic and a few drops of lemon juice together. No eggs! It& creamy, velvety and is the perfect springboard to let your culinary imagination run wild!

Recipe Coconut and cashew cream

Recipe Coconut and cashew cream by Kristine - Recipe of category Sauces, dips & spreads