Multiplication and Division

A collection of ideas for special educators to teach the skills required to achieve the Numeracy Framework goals in 'Multiplication & Division'
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Strategy for teaching division along with more helpful tips for teachers!

This activity allows students to understand situations that entail multiplication and division, such as equal groupings of objects and sharing equally. Using a manipulative, students physically demonstrate computations with division.

Try this printable equal sharing activity! Act out "The Doorbell Rang": Children act out the story from the book The Doorbell Rang with paper cookies.

Try this equal sharing read-aloud activity! The Doorbell Rang: In The Doorbell Rang, by Pat Hutchins, Ma makes cookies for Victoria and Sam to share, but new kids keep arriving.

Exploring Multiplication with Spielgaben

Learning Multiplication with Spielgaben

Fair Share

Fair Share (Rowdy in Room 300)

Has it been a busy week or what? Somehow this time of year sneaks up on me and everything ends up in a whirlwind! Ella has dance recital coming up {it's a huge production.we are require