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Journalling during a pandemic

Who else is finding their journal to be a source of calm and comfort lately? This Coronavirus pandemic is an event unlike anything any of us have ever previously faced (and hopefully never will again!) in our lifetimes. It's a scary, uncertain time. I always find I am more relaxed and clear of mind if I write in my jou

5 Things You Can Do with Dot Grid Notebooks Notebook Drawing, Dot Grid Notebook, My Market, Notebooks For Sale, Keeping A Journal, Stationery Items, 5 Things, You Can Do, To Tell

5 Things You Can Do with Dot Grid Notebooks

Last year, at the Green Heart Fair in Brisbane, one of my market stall customers asked if I had any dot grid notebooks for sale. Sadly, I had to tell her I did not, and until that day, I had not even heard of such a thing. I spent the rest of the day wondering exactly what a dot grid notebook was, and what you would use one for. Well, that evening, I asked Mr Google those exact questions and suddenly it was as if a whole new world was opened up to me!

Yes it really is made from elephant poo! Recycling, Elephant, Logo, My Favorite Things, Handmade, Animals, Paper, Hand Made, Animais

Elephant Dung Paper

Yes it really is made from elephant poo!

World Fair Trade Day – ziveli Scholarships For Girls, Injustices In The World, Gender Equity, Sustainable Practices, Sustainable Living, Aids Awareness, Capacity Building, Ethical Shopping, Forced Labor

What is Fair Trade?

You may have heard me mention, or read here on the website, that I use Fair Trade handmade papers in my work. But what does this actually mean? What exactly is fair trade?

How I make Handmade Paper title image Arts And Crafts, Sculpture, My Favorite Things, Creative, Repurposed, Deer, How To Make, Blog, Handmade

How I make Handmade Paper

Have you ever wondered how I make handmade paper? I am often asked this question so today, I thought I would share my process with you.

thank you for helping to support Ausnep The Past, Community, Studio, Blog, Studios, Study, Communion

A Huge Heartfelt Thank You!

I want to say a huge heartfelt thank you to every single one of you who purchased something from Little Deer Studio in the past 12 months. As you know, I had pledged to donate 10% of profits for the year to support the wonderful work of Ausnep - a beautiful organisation that takes teams of surgeons, dentists, anaesthetists and nurses to remote areas of Nepal, to provide much needed treatment for people who would otherwise not have access to health care.

10 benefits of keeping a journal Keeping A Diary, Keeping A Journal, Journal Prompts, Journals, Dot Grid Notebook, Notebooks For Sale, Stationery Items, Creative Journal, Single Words

10 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Folks have been drawn to journaling for centuries, and for good reason. More and more, research is indicating that there are many benefits of keeping a journal, both physical and psychological. If you don't already keep a journal, here are 10 reasons why you should think about starting one:

This article talks about the benefits of using different trackers and shares some great ideas and inspiration for trackers you can use in your own bullet journal or planner Bullet Journal Tracker, Bullet Journals, Dot Grid Notebook, Notebooks For Sale, Diy Journaling, Journalling, Keeping A Journal, Stationery Items, Planner Supplies

Using Trackers in your Journal

If you do a Google search for bullet journals or planner ideas, you will see thousands of images and ideas for using trackers in your journal. They are an important part of many people's journals. I myself have several different trackers in my planner and I find them extremely useful. A tracker is just what it sounds like - it's a thing that is used to keep track of something. It records data over time. If you haven't come across them before, now might be a good time to consider using them…

how to choose recycled paper - making sense of paper labelling Eco Green, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Recycling, Paper, Heart, Blog, Upcycle, Hearts

Choosing the Right Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is becoming more popular as people strive to minimise their impact on our precious Earth. But with so many different labels and terms used to describe paper, how do we know if what we're buying really is as good as it seems?

Collective Hub Feature Article - an unexpected honour! Medical Careers, Feature Article, Co Working, Evans, Deer, Profile, Studio, How To Make, Blog

Collective Hub Feature Article - an unexpected honour!

I received an unexpected honour last week with this article about Little Deer Studio published on the Collective Hub website!

Cannabis has medicinal and commercial uses. These infographics break down the multitude of benefits that may be derived from the ganja plant. Fancy Chickens, Hemp Hearts, Food Is Fuel, Hemp Seeds, Smoking Weed, Hemp Oil, Medical Marijuana, Plant Leaves, The Cure

What's so Good about Hemp?

I use natural hemp twine to bind all of my handmade journals. Not only is it beautiful and very strong, making it perfect for use in my books, but it is also very eco-friendly! This modest little plant has the potential to change the world, if only people would change their perception of it. So what's the big deal about hemp? Why is it so good? Well read on and find out!