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I'm not Australian but I live in Australia and believe me. there are plenty of ugly Australian's around and a lot of them are really not that funny at all.<<<<well we know who's dying alone don't we.

Lol I know for a fact the last one on the right isn't, I used the picture to help me for Halloween makeup. You should find it somewhere with "Halloween scratched face latex makeup"

Lol this shit is hilarious drop bears rare not real it's just something we do to fuck with you they are probably shark or croc marks

Australian Christmas songs

Australian Christmas songs<< me currently: sitting in a pair of underwear soaked with sweat and stuffering<<naw Christmas is in a few days

The further intricacies of Australian dialect.

The further intricacies of Australian dialect. I have been trying to prove to people that the Emu War was a real thing for a long time!