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The Skin Cancer Foundation recently named Cassidy Prestidge as the winner of its "Sun Smart U" high school poster contest, which invited students to create a poster teaching teens about sun safety.

sun safety for teens - Google Search

You can get more than a tan from a tanning bed! If the tanning bed isn’t clean, you could pick up a serious skin infection with symptoms like genital warts, skin rashes, skin warts, and flaky discolored patches on your skin.

natrual skin

I chose this pin because a lot of teenagers think that being tan is cool but really tan people are at higher risk of getting skin cancer then pale people.

The Types Of UV radiation

Sun Safety Alliance: Sun Protection Essential Even On Cloudy Day. This is important as it says things about UV rays.

Slip,Slop,Slap,Seek and slide.

This is a short but catchy little song, teaching us about the five very easy and simple ways to being sun smart and stopping cancer! Slip,Slop,Slap,Seek and slide.

nine ways to save yourself for burns

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Charlene Berke tellls you all you need to know about skin cancer.

Its not "just skin Cancer"

It's not "Just Skin Cancer" when it's the largest organ of your body. Please be aware of your exposure to the sun! May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Don't forget to check your children's skin

Don't forget to check yourself! 👀🕵 In honor of we encourage EVERYONE to check their skin regularly for any abnormal moles with the ABCDs.

3 types of skin cancer

These are the 3 types of skin cancer. It's really important to stay out of the sun as much as you can and make sure to ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Catching these types of cancer can be very bad for your health and can possibly cause death or severe skin damage

make sure u know what sunscreen your putting on your kids and yourself

It’s no secret that sunscreen offers the best protection against skin cancer next to staying out of the sun. Learn the difference between chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreens.