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Pastizzi usually have a filling either of ricotta or Meat & peas, and are called pastizzi tal-irkotta, "cheesecakes", or pastizzi tal-piżelli, "peacakes".

Pastizzi from Malta

Pastizzi (sing: pastizz) are and insanely addicting filled pastries that hail from the country of Malta, which for those of you who don’t know, is a small group of islands located in the Mediterran…

Maltese "Gbejna" cheese

Gbejniet (Maltese Cheese)

I didn’t know I missed gbejniet until my dear friend Mary shared some with me a few years ago. Mary was the first Maltese person I met when we first moved to the Bay Area. In 1996, th…

Qag'aq tal-'un'lien (Maltese Biscuits) Recipe | Nosh My Way

Qag’aq tal-‘un’lien (Maltese Biscuits)

Served with a sweet cup of creamy tea, these Maltese Biscuits, or cookies, are slightly sweet and spiced just right. Qag'aq tal-'un'lien (Maltese Biscuits) Author: Marlene Baird Prep tim

Joanna's amazing Maltese Bread Pudding ° eat in my kitchen

Joanna's amazing Maltese Bread Pudding — Meike Peters | eat in my kitchen

Fruity, sticky and juicy, that’s what comes to my mind when I think of Joanna Bonnici’s Maltese Bread Pudding. I loved its richness, stuffed with sweet Mediterranean flavours, like tangerine and orange, the bread mixture enhanced by the aromas of nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut and whiskey. I got hooked on it after the first bite and couldn’t stop cutting …

Kusksu bil-ful – Broad bean and pasta soup

Fry the onion with salt and pepper. Add water and leave to boil. Add carrot, potatoes, broad beans, peas and chicken cubes and mix them all together.


Ricotta Qassatat

Two very popular snacks in Malta are Qassatat and Pastizzi. You can call them cousins with pastizzi being the posher or richer of the two. I find qassatat are the easier ones to make so we’…

Imqaret are one of the the remnants of the Arab world which was left behind in Malta. Dates, citrus and spices are encased in a pastry and then deep fried. A big favourite of mine and easy for everyone to make. Another great choice for the fesitve season. Every time I am in Valletta in...Read More »

Imqaret - Diamond date filled pastries - A Maltese Mouthful

Makes approx 66 small imqaret. These can be cut into diamond shapes or rectangles. Lovely over the festive season too. Can be served alone or with ice cream and a dusting of icing sugar

A food tradition that lives on - Maltese honey rings

Malta's traditional foods, dishes and recipes

Traditional Maltese foods - do they turn up in our kitchens still or just on the menus of some quaint, touristy restaurants?

Maltese coconut fingers

Maltese coconut fingers

These Maltese coconut fingers are so easy to make. You can decorate with cherries or almonds, or a mixture, if desired, or you can dip them in chocolate!

old fashioned Maltese chocolate pudding [Pudina] that my grandmother, like most frugal Maltese and Gozitan gran…

Maltese Pudina and Barbetta’s

Mikiel reminisces ... I promise to come back to see him again very soon. He will not allow me to leave without piling his baked goods into my car

Maltese Torta tal-Marmurat (Almond, Chocolate, and Ricotta Pie)- IDC Malta

Maltese Torta tal-Marmurat (Almond, Chocolate, and Ricotta Pie) Recipe | Pies & Pastries

Maltese Torta tal-Marmurat recipe presented by Hannaford Supermarket. Add recipe ingredients straight to your shopping list! Nutrition facts and printable recipes available.

with special thanks to Bread Pudding – Pudina tal-Hobz Ingredients: 2 large Maltese loaves (or equivalent), preferably a day or two old 400 g. sugar 350 g. margerine 3 eggs 1 gr…


with special thanks to Bread Pudding – Pudina tal-Hobz Ingredients: 2 large Maltese loaves (or equivalent), preferably a day or two old 400 g. sugar 350 g. margerine 3 eggs 1 gr…