Jesters, fools, Harlequins for my (as yet) unfinished medieval novel
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an old fashion illustration of people dressed in fancy clothing and hats, including clowns
The Feast of Fools and dances of the Middle Ages.
The Feast of Fools and dances of the Middle Ages.
a drawing of a woman in costume with a bird on her head and a cane
Costume Design | Wilhelm, William John Charles Pitcher (RI) | V&A Explore The Collections
an old fashioned christmas card with santa claus
A jester, 15th century.
a painting of a person sitting in a window with a pipe sticking out of it's mouth
Troubadour Sulimov Alexander
a drawing of a woman in white and pink
Carnival : costume design] From New York Public Library Digital Collections.
a person in green and yellow boots standing on a wooden deck with their legs crossed
german landsknecht clothing
German Renaissance Fashion
a drawing of a woman in blue and brown dress with long hair, wearing an elaborate headdress
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Головин А.Я.-Эскизы костюмов к балету "Жар-Птица". Премьера балета И. Стравинского "Жар-Птица" в постановке М.Фокина с деко- рациями и костюмами,выполненными по эскизам художника А.Головина, состоялась в цикле Русских сезонов в Париже в 1910 году.
an image of a painting on the side of a wall with a fish in it's mouth
Oh those frisky mermen. Detail from The Luttrell Psalter, British Library Add MS 42130 (medieval manuscript,1325-1340), f169v / A Journey Through Medieval Life
an old magazine cover with a woman dressed in costume and holding a bird on her arm
Theatre Magazine 1921 1920s Usa Clowns by The Advertising Archives
Theatre Magazine 1921 1920s Usa Clowns Drawing The Advertising Archives
an image of a man holding a woman in his arms, with blue waves behind him
DER FARBHOLZSCHNITT IN WIEN UM 1900 – 06. Juli bis 3. Oktober 2016
Die erste Ausstellung über die revolutionäre Wiederentdeckung des Farbholzschnitts im Wien der Jahrhundertwende – bis 3. OKT 2016 in der SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT #KunstFuerAlle
a painting on the side of a building with animals around it and a man holding a guitar
from the Trivulzio Hours f.86v lluminated in Flanders c.1470. Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliothek, SMC 1 -- image via KB website
an elephant made out of fabric on display in a glass case
Halloween Costumes | Yearly Celebrations
Costume of a Harlequin, 18th Century; Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg