Working 4 the Classroom: Story Telling...Organizing Narrative Text  (Anchor Chart + Student Printable)

Working 4 the Classroom: Story Telling.Organizing Narrative Text (Anchor Chart + Student Printable) 'Out-of-the-Box' Writing,Classroom,Classroom resources Australian curriculum Year

Text organiser for recount writing. Classroom Treasures: Recount Writing

Writing resources for classrooms, teachers and parents. Will include free printable resources, anchor charts, assessment checklists and display ideas.

cool and easy to draw

27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work THIS IS AMAZING! Gonna have to try it Need fantastic helpful hints about arts and crafts?

Masking Tape rings

Overlapping Drawing Project

Masking Tape Rings - Grades - simple and no-mess project - choose autumn colors for a fall project

Warm Hands idea only, use a compass to create even circles

Fish Tessellation

Cool/Warm art project - I made these with my grade students last year. We did not use a photocopy but the rulers width or compass. The nicest and most difficult ones were the students who made lines that intercepted or more than one circle pattern on a

overlapping snake

Learning how to overlap shapes is the first step in making art have depth. Students start with drawing a large, overlapping snake. They fill it with crayon patterns and then watercolor paint for a colorful, creative work of art.