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a tablet with the text using video clips effectively
Using video clips effectively in the classroom
When I first started teaching, we had videos that were lengthy and much of what students watched wasn’t exactly what we wanted. It was difficult to use them effectively. Now we can click on YouTube or ClickView and select from many short clips that are just what we want. However, there are still tricks to making sure you are using videos effectively in the classroom.
a book sitting on top of a white table next to a glass vase filled with paint brushes
How to write what you want to say... about visual images
A picture may say 1000 words, but that won't help you meet that word count. "How to write what you want to say... about visual images" will helps high school and university students find the words they need to write about graphs, diagrams, maps, artworks, photographs and illustrations.
four different types of info sheets with the words comparing and contrasting on each one side
Pat's Posters to teach Cognitive Verbs: Years 7-12
Pat's Posters to teach Cognitive Verbs: Years 7-12 now comes with our new Graphic Organiser Pack. Teachers can use the posters to design their lessons, and print out graphic organisers so students can plan their writing.
two notebooks sitting next to each other on top of a white chair with the words how to write what you want to say
Our blue book, How to write what you want to say... is also available in US and UK editions.
children's hands on a poster surrounded by school supplies
Graphic Organisers Pack
a poster with the words pat's posters for teaching cognitive verbs
Helpful resources for teaching Cognitive Verbs
Also known as key task words, task words and verbs, the cognitive verbs are common curriculum elements in disguise and teachers should be very familiar with these skills.
a father and son are playing with a model
Thinking about inequity outside the classroom
Is homework unfair? It can be...
a blue book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a laptop and pen
How to write what you want to say... in the secondary years (Second Edition)
Turn your sad writing into happy writing...
someone is doing their homework on the desk with some pens and pencils in front of them
How to write what you want to say... in the primary years
With sentence starters, prompt questions, graphic organisers and words to connect ideas, How to write what you want to say... in the primary years is an invaluable resource for younger writers.
a young boy pointing at the camera with question marks above his head
The two questions students should answer every lesson
As a teacher you put a lot of time and effort into preparing lessons, but do your students actually know why they are doing what they are doing?
a book with the title how to write what you want to say
How to write what you want to say…. (or the Blue Book as it is often called) is built around the writing skills, or cognitive verbs, that students are required to demonstrate.
a wooden table with blue circles on it in an office setting, showing the number twenty seven
My teacher must-haves for this school year! Additions to your classroom that won't break the bank...Read more...
the 25 best teacher organization hacks to help students organize their school's classroom
We Are Teachers - Ideas and inspiration for reaching the next generation
Does excellent teacher organization make your heart skip a beat? Check out these Instagram-ready organized classrooms and be inspired.
there is a poster on the wall with words and pictures attached to it that says vocab pockets
This is my take on vocab pockets. I put a variety of high level adjectives for common words such as happy or sad into jewellery bags and hung them onto hooks to encourage children to use them to expand their vocabulary. Jeweller bags were £2 from eBay, bargain!!!