Funny Spelling and Grammar Fails

Spelling and grammar mistakes that make you smile, laugh out loud, or groan in despair.
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a black and white photo with the words, 5 vovels, 8 consonants, a comma, and an exclamation mark appeared in court today
a man and woman are talking to each other with a speech bubble above them that says, and now, having each received the vows they wrote
When the wedding vows don't receive a good reception.
a book on how to write what you want to say with headphones next to it
How to write what you want to say... in the secondary years (Second Edition)
Our little blue book, How to Write What You Want to Say... can help senior students become confident in demonstrating the different cognitive verbs in their writing.
wooden scrabbles with the words i bought a new book at ikea today
As well as bad puns and dad jokes, logonliteracy has a range of guides and teaching resources to improve students' reading, writing and literacy skills.
a blackboard with the words weird before e except when your foreign neighbor keth receives eight counter - fee
logonliteracy provides activities and resources that improve students' literacy, including the popular How To Write What You Want to Say... series
a green sign that says please respect our greens by not wearing heel shoes, running or jumping
However, fully sick shoes are okay on the green. 🤒
a black background with blue text that reads science tip to distignish a crocodile from an alligator pay attention to animal sees you later or in a while
a blackboard with blue and orange writing on it that says, what i should do if
This is a spec-tacular joke. 🤓
an image of a black background with orange lines on it and the words, your now entering grammer hell
...and that's when Eleanor realised this was not the good place.
a man is on the television screen with his head turned to look like he's having an intense conversation
When water sports get really, really demanding...
a parking garage with a yellow and white sign that says please pay your parking fee before existing
If I don't exist, do I have to pay? This spelling fail is a contender for the chicken and the egg problem.
a sign that says, your the best teacher ever
Or maybe not... Education FAIL!
two cars parked in front of a fence with barbed wire behind them and a private parking sign
A strangely reassuring sign for those struggling to find a car park.