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a donut with the words teacher if can't is a contration of cannot, then what is don't short for?
Mmmmm Doughnuts...
😂 Literacy, Range
an electronic device sitting on top of a wooden table next to a notebook and glasses
Logonliteracy Books
"These books give my students the confidence to begin to write and when they have that momentum they write with confidence and style." - Peter Cocks, Science & Maths Teacher Check out the How To Write What You Want To Say... range to see how your students could benefit.
a white wall with blue lines on it and the words why plan writing? written below
Why plan writing?
In this blog post, Pat Hipwell looks at the advantages of students taking the time to plan their writing, rather than just getting on with it. Read it here:
an image of two dinosaurs on a string with the caption, your retratation is disavantageous i propound you all vamose with great importunity
And you thought the original T-Rex was scary!
a blue poster with the words i have no words to describe how angry i am
Yeah, we know. This pun is tragic. Teaching Literacy, Math Books, All Products
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Yeah, we know. This pun is tragic.
pencils lined up next to each other with the words why can't pencils move? because they are stationary
Is this pencil pun on point? Or do you think we need to sharpen it up?
an ancient greek walks into his tailors shop with a pair of torn pants
Well, we think this joke is tragically funny... 😉
a person writing on a white board with the words why your students should be using graphic organizers
Why your students should be using Graphic Organisers
If you have never used one of these tools in your classroom, here’s a quick guide to why you should use Graphic Organisers.
a red and blue parrot with the caption what do you call an empty bird cage? a polygon
students are sitting at desks with their computers in front of them and the words how to encourages students to write more and to write better
How to encourage students to write more ... and to write well
If students haven't regularly practised writing, they will struggle with the challenge of juggling all the components of a writing task in an exam.
what kind of pencil did shakespeare write with?
That is the question!
there's a fine line between a numerator and a denomirator only a fraction of you will get this joke
How to write what you want to say... in mathematics
😂 🤣 😂