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In From up North’s typography posts we present our latest findings of stunning designs primarily made with words and letters.

ฬƹlςᎧ๓ƹ tᎧ ๓y βᎧคгdᎦ ؁ღ❁ღ؁Ƥℓҽąʂҽ Ƒҽҽℓ Ƒɽҽҽ ƬᎧ ƤᎥɳ Ꮗɦą৳ ƴᎧմ ᏝᎥƙҽ! ☘☘ Ïŕìŝђ €ƴẻŝ ☘☘؁ღ❁ღ؁ ~ Live with promise, Love with passion, Laugh with pleasure.

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Posted too much about an old friend of mine .Can't waste time hating anyone. Takes too much energy and steals your peace. I had to get a few things out at the 90 day break up point.