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I love them. Their hair. Their breathing. Their voices. Their smiles. Their eyes. Their faces. Their personalites. Them.

Read The song you listen to when he's on tour from the story 5 Seconds of Summer BSM Preferences by weebtrashallie (Allie) with reads. michaelclifford, l.

It was fun spending time with the 5SoS family on pinterest! But due to the recent attack from some crazy girl behind a computer, I'll be deleting. Pinterest was fun though guys! .X

Now that the ponies invaded we need to protect our babies our little secret is gone meaning they are expised to more hate than they get now I cant stand this im scared now beacause I was cindy the 5 sos fan now im just face in crowd


"So my friend has gotten me obsessed with another band. heheheheh love these guys" What friend, Emmalee?