L.A.EATS - STEPHANIE GONOT PHOTO    Los Angeles foods as still life,  a solo installation at The Standard, Hollywood,  January 2014.

Colorful Pop Art Compositions Inspired By Iconic Fast Food Chains In Los Angeles

다음 @Behance 프로젝트 확인: “Minimal LEGO” https://www.behance.net/gallery/36719753/Minimal-LEGO

The Spanish artist Jaime Sánchez uses his passion for LEGO at the same time as his art practice, with a good dose of humour. In his photo series Minimal LEGO,

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Playdough Set Design by Mathilde Nivet

French set designer Mathilde Nivet who is also Paper designer, Illustrator and Art director, recently created a series of images for BE magazine. This playdough