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Make the Summer Abroad - an August Uncommon Tea Cocktail.

Tastes Like: juniper berry, ripe blackcurrant, spruce, lemon balm Feels Like: a walk through alpine woods As the Austrian Alps warm they offer a multitude of aromas and colors. The woods come alive wi

Simple Bolognese

Simple Bolognese : Giada De Laurentiis' meaty pasta sauce is made all in one pot. Be sure to break up any large clumps when sauteing to fully incorporate the meat with the tomatoes, basil and parsley. via Food Network

Kombucha-cha-cha : Kombucha (sweet-sour fermented tea) gets a boost of sweetness from tropical coconut rum. Try it with bottled passion fruit-flavored kombucha, but feel free to use your own brew. via Food Network

These healthy cocktails from Food Network have a freshness about them, and the juices are, at the very least, a nutritional step up from traditional drinks.

Easy BBQ Short Ribs recipe from Sunny Anderson via Food Network

Recipe of the Day: Sunny Anderson’s Easy Barbecue Short Ribs Sunny cooks her short ribs low and slow for three hours at 300 degrees until they reach tender, fall-off-the-bone perfection.