Great gift ideas!

12 Baking Gadgets You Should Own

12 must have kitchen gadgets/tools - yes my kitchen aid mixer is my best friend, but I do need the rest of these things!

Cool and Creative Kitchen Tools. I need all of these! Except the pineapple slicer, i have one of those and love it!

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

Justine Hugh Jones Design - kitchens - Wisteria Smart and Sleek Stool, white and gray kitchen, industrial kitchen, frameless cabinets, frame...

Kitchen by Justine Hugh Jones, a Sydney-based interior designer, shortlisted for the Belle Interior Design Awards

Collapsible Bin Cutting Board // so clever with a detachable scrap bin! Kitchen gadget genius #product_design

Collapsible Bin Cutting Board with a scrap bin? Where have you been hiding all my life?

Herb Keeper // Proper herb storage keeps herbs (and asparagus) fresh for up to 2 weeks! Genius! #product_design

Fresh Herb Keeper // keep herbs and asparagus super fresh for up to 2 weeks in…

Good idea - these Method refill pouches are easy-to-use and save water, energy + plastic as well as money and trips to the store. #product_design

our easy-to-use refill pouches not only offer water, energy + plastic savings…