The road to loving my Thermomix: Parmesan Chicken Sausage Rolls

Parmesan Chicken Sausage Rolls - I can't take a decent picture of sausage rolls to save myself. I wish this photo showed how delicious these were. I had to take it quickly before lit

The road to loving my Thermomix: Potato Mashies

I have been wanting to try these for some time and thought Id experiment a bit over the last week. Not exactly healthy but delicious none

The road to loving my Thermomix: Vegetable and Cheese Rolls

These are a great budget meal and good to use up leftover veggies at the end of the week. I used to make these all the time but tonight was the first tim

Chocolate Honey Ice Creams

These are just like chocolate paddle pops without the nasty numbers!

Popcorn Bars

The road to loving my Thermomix: Popcorn Bars Popcorn Bars By: The road to loving my Thermomix glucose syrup honey coconut oil pepitas sunflower seeds chia seeds 8 cups puffed corn (approximately

Fake-hetti: my take on tinned spaghetti

Don& you love when you go to cook dinner and realise the chicken probably isn& safe for even the rubbish bin to eat! Tonight was an experiment that turned out a success using some very basic things from the pantry and fridge.

The road to loving my Thermomix: Pizza Pops

Recipe Wholemeal pizza pockets (Clone of Pizza Pops) - Recipe of category Breads & rolls