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a person sitting on top of a mountain with a quote about the hero of their own story
Every human is the hero of their own story
You don't have to lift a car or fly to be a hero - living through your own unique challenges and experiences in life makes you the hero of your own story. Learn how to use the Hero's Journey story structure to write your story and feel empowered in the process with the free masterclass. #writingadvice #herosjourney #writinginspiration #writingquote #authoradvice #creativeinspiration #storytelling #qotd #storytips
the hero's journey travel writing guide
Writing with The Hero's Journey...
Knowing the 12 stages of the Hero's Journey adds to the strength of your storytelling skills, because this is a story framework favoured by screenwriters, scriptwriters, bestselling authors and many travel memoirs use this structure. Learn what goes into each stage, so you can write a better book, with this free guidebook covering the hero's journey in depth by bestselling author Louisa Deasey. #storytelling #writing #writingguide #herosjourney #travelmemoir #narrative #storystructure
a woman sitting at a table in front of a window with the words articles and essayss that led to a book deal
Articles & Essays that led to a book deal
Getting an article or essay published around the topics and themes covered in your book is one of the best ways to strategise a book deal. This post gives real life examples of writers who secured book deals from essays and articles around their memoir topic or themes. #nonfiction #bookpublishing #publishingtips
books stacked on top of each other with the words writing a memory for publication written below
Writing a memoir for publication
What does it mean to write a transformational true story and what does it involve for a published author? Learn more in this blog about what bestselling memoirs share in the narrative... #storytelling #memoir #nonfiction #literarymemoir
three pillars of a true story that sells books with the title, 3 pillars of a true story that sells
Write a true story that sells
In this free ondemand class from memoir author Louisa Deasey, you're going to learn the 3 pillars of a true story that sells to a publisher or literary agent. #nonfiction #writingtips #authoradvice
an old typewriter with the words, what does an editor do with your manuscript?
What does an editor do?
three popular story plots used in best selling memory books by lousiadabeasty com
3 popular story plots
the hero's journey is featured in this free guide to write your story with the hero's journey
write your story with the hero's journey
the hero's journey is featured in this book, with text overlaying it
Write your story with the Hero's Journey
The 12-stage Hero's Journey is a compelling story structure to write your memoir, learn how to use it to write your first draft and edit your story =. #writing #book #memoir #publishers #autobiographical #writing tips #publishing #books #bibliophile #writingprompts #authorquote #journalprompts #creativewriting #writinginspiration #qotd #editingtips #querytip #firstdraft #storytelling #bookquote #storystructure #herosjourney #nonfiction #journal
the hero's journey to structure your memory with text overlaying it and an image
The hero's journey and your memoir
the hero's journey stage 2
Stage 2 of the Hero's Journey
In stage 2 of the Hero's Journey if you're #writing #memoir or any kind of #novel, this is when you get the first taste of adventure, challenge or change - the call. For more on each stage of the Hero's Journey, download your free guidebook. #writingadvice #creativeinspiration #storystructure #herosjourney
a poster with the words crossing the first threshold stage 5 in front of a green field
Stage 5 of the Hero's Journey
Stage five is all about doorways, entries, exits... can you locate the fifth stage of your own hero's journey? Download your free guide to the 12 stages of Joseph Campbell's classic storytelling framework, the hero's journey...#memoir #writing #firstdraft #manuscript
the hero's journey is featured in this free ebook
Storytelling with the Hero's Journey
Download your free guide to learn to write your story with the 12 stage Heros Journey framework first conceived by Joseph Campbell and now used by bestselling authors and screenwriters alike!
the book write your memory with the hero's journey
Learn the Hero's Journey story structure
The 12 stage Hero's Journey story structure can show you how to write your true story in the most compelling way possible - and it's incredibly empowering, too!
an open book with the title using the hero's journey in your memory
Using the Hero's Journey for your memoir
If you’re attempting the brave feat of writing a true story based on your life or experiences, you’re probably overwhelmed by the options of where and how and what to write. The Hero's Journey is a great structure to use for personal storytelling - here's why...
three books with the title 3 character archetys in true stories that sell
3 archetypes in every true story - Louisa Deasey Author
Unconscious expectations of what purpose certain characters serve, is what makes for a satisfying story. And the only way to find what purpose certain characters serve in your story or experience… is to know what archetypal role they seem to be playing!
the words story structure and moving house in front of a building
Story structure & moving house
a stack of books with the title why memory sells when you're not famous
Why memoir sells - Louisa Deasey Author
The term and concept I’m going to share with you is something that you need to understand so that you both write a more compelling story to a wider readership, AND position it effectively for a book deal. #travelmemoir #bookpublishing #memoir
My 90 Day Draft Method
Narrative story structure is unique in that it needs a through-line and it must be paced properly to compel the reader. Learn my unique 90 day memoir draft process to write and revise a book-length true story to publication standard (without critiques!) in the training.