There is still time to decorate like this!! Love the idea and hope to replicate it around our front door...

Don’t forget to decorate the inside of your front door! Many people put garland around the outside, but why not add a bit of zest to the inside as well? Now you can remind people of the holiday spirit as they come and go! xmas decor - Decoration for House

"Santa footprints" = Put a shoe down and sprinkle some powdered sugar around it... So magical for little believers!!

"Santa footprints" I'm thinking instead of powdered sugar or baby powder sprinkle GLITTER! How fantastic to see sparkling footsteps.

Christmas printables. I tend to like more traditional colors, but the vintage characters are charming.

These fantastic retro styled Christmas art prints from Melbourne artist Paulo & Lulu have been sitting on my favourites list for a few weeks now and I thoug

Decorate your windows for Christmas by hanging ornaments.

Christmas window decor- thinking bigger ornaments and hanging from kitchen window. Use a tension rod/shower rod covered in carland and hang big and little ornaments

Even simpler than the cut out letters! Christmas Gift Wrap Idea. Made by The Haystack Needle []. Found on Babble | The New Home Ec.

Christmas wrapping idea: Buy brown wrapping paper (cheap to buy at Walmart or a craft store) and use that paper to wrap your gifts. It's useful for every gift, and you can customize it by writing on the paper.

egg carton tree. If glue on paper, can hide treasure in each pocket and punch through from back for advent calendar

Believe it or not, I STILL have an egg carton Christmas Tree that I made and gave my grandma B. It's very tacky and I LOVE it.