Cushion Solitaire Engagement Rings

Explore LOUISE JEAN Signature Engagement solitaire designs with a spotlight on square cushion & elongated cushion diamonds.
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a diamond ring sitting on top of a white cloth
1.50ct Elongated Cushion Ceremonial Solitaire
Our most loved setting, the Ceremonial Solitaire. Swipe to see a 1.50ct Elongated Cushion diamond in this setting. Explore online or via appointment at our Peregian Beach Showroom.
a yellow gold engagement ring with a single diamond in the center on a white cloth
Elongated Cushion Classic Solitaire
For those planning a Valentine’s Day proposal, we invite you to discover our collection of ready-to-wear engagement rings. Please place your order for ready-to-wear engagement rings before February 1. Explore via the link in bio.
a woman's hand with a diamond ring on top of her finger and an engagement band
Elongated Cushion Diamond Solitaire
Client peice spotlight 🤍 This beautiful Elongated Cushion Ceremonial Solitaire set with a pavé band was designed and crafted through our Bespoke Ring Builder Process. Our Bespoke Ring Builder is a digital platform that allows you to co-create your own dream ring directly on our website. To learn more please reach out to one of our expert customer consultants via our contact form.
a woman's hand holding a diamond ring
Caught in the moment ✨
Caught in the moment, our Elongated Cushion Ceremonial Solitaire & Sage Ring ✨
a woman's hand with a diamond ring on top of her finger and two diamonds in the middle
LOUISE JEAN Engagement and Wedding Rings
Oval and cushion shape diamonds are a match made in heaven ✨ ​This pair features a 1.51ct Cushion Ceremonial Solitaire and Petite Cleo Ring
3.01ct Cushion diamond
A fiery 3.01ct - F/VS2 Cushion Cultured Diamond - ready to be crafted into your forever piece, reach out to one of our customer consultants to learn more.
a woman's hand with a diamond ring on it
Ready-To-Wear Engagement Collection
Missed our holiday engagement cut-off? Explore our Ready-To-Wear Engagement collection available to purchase online.
Ready-To-Wear Engagement
In lead up to Christmas we have expanded our beautiful Ready-To-Wear Engagement collection for those looking to propose before the New Year 🤍 Currently our collection holds a multitude of Louise Jean Signature Engagement styles crafted with precious stones and metals.
an engagement ring sits in a box with flowers
Thinking of popping the question soon? 🤍
Thinking of popping the question soon? 🤍 Explore our Signature Engagement Collection online or via a showroom appointment to begin the co-creation process. Showcasing a 3ct Cushion Classic Pavé Solitaire