Ah one of those books that gives you goosebumps.

The Other Hand (Paperback)

Creepy and clever.

Christine wakes up every morning with an unfamiliar man. She looks in the mirror and sees an unfamiliar, middle-aged face. And every morning, the man she wakes up to must explain that he is Ben, he… read more at Kobo.

If you have been in a mothers' group, this is really nails it.

The Mothers' Group - Fiona Higgins - 9781742379869 - Allen & Unwin - Australia

Just had a hangout with the lovely Rachel Fry.  This made me laugh and cry.

When Harold Fry nips out one morning to post a letter, leaving his wife hoovering upstairs, he has no idea that he is about to walk from one end of the country to the other. He has no hiking boots or map, let alone a compass, waterproof or mobile phone.

Still my favourite book.

Cloud Atlas , David Mitchell's sweeping epic tale of six paths connecting over time and space does not leap off the pages as the easiest b.

This is so good.  A Northern Irish hardman on the loose in 1990s Thailand... women, booze, violence and a bit of house music.  Brilliant.

A Tiger in Eden by hunk o spunk Chris Flynn

I interviewed Toni Jordan recently and loved chatting with her almost as much as I loved Addition and Nine Days.

Nine Days, Toni Jordan, Text Publishing

Hannah Richell's debut is just amazing and will leave you rather breathless with it's emotional intensity and pace.

secrets of the tides hannah richell I want to read this.

If you are a woman with a brain, you must read this.  Book of our age.

How to be a Woman - Caitlin Moran. Every female should read this book, it is SO relate-able, hilarious and brings up some of the important issues that feminism addresses. Even my mum loved it! Caitlin Moran is my Queen.

So much better than the movie.

David Nicholls: One Day. "zwei an einem Tag" Great Book!

Beautifully told.  I was moved, and cried a bit.

Book of Lost Threads by Tess Evans Moving story of intertwined lives, set in Australia

I got completely lost in Alaska... quite magical.

Eowyn Ivey - 'The Snow Child', read in May

Worth all the hype.

awesome book, loved the series but not seen the movie, not sure if i want too!

What would you do?  This book made me nervous. So good.

This is the story of right and wrong, and how sometimes they look the same . On a remote island off Western Australia, Tom and Isabel Sherbourne - a young, childless couple - run the Janus… read more at Kobo.

I just wish I was Marion Von Adlerstein.  Sigh.

Booktopia has The Freudian Slip by Marion von Adlerstein. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Freudian Slip online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

Funny, moving and true.

There’s something about Australian fiction, where they don’t take themselves too seriously and in not setting out to write ‘The Great Australian Novel’ they produce some real gems.