Filofax and Bullet Journaling

I love organising my time and these great Filofax and Bullet Journal ideas should help with this task nicely.
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4 things to include when setting up your new planner

4 Things to Include When Setting Up Your New Planner

organize set up planner A New Year brings a new calendar and there are 4 things to include when setting up your new planner for the year. Taking some time to do some intentional planning will pay off all year long.

How to use a planner to get organized

How to use a Planner to get Organised

47 Hacks People With ADD/ADHD Use To Stay On Track Everything from color-coding to bouncing on an exercise ball. -Everything from color-coding to bouncing on an exercise ball.

30+ things to include in your planner

30 Things to Include in Your Planner (That You Might Not Have Thought Of Yet

I absolutely suck at keeping planners as much as i would love to be organized im just not cut out for it.

Filofax organization tips

Colored printer paper as scrap paper that will easily stand out against the white and creme of your regular inserts. It’s more affordable than .

Thorough guide to the bullet journal system

Thorough Guide to the Bullet Journal System

This was a great info graphic I ran across at Tiny Ray of Sunshine. If you want to know more about bullet journaling, check out Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

Starting a bullet journal

So many bullet journal ideas, not enough time! "Bullet journalling was created by Ryder Carroll and it's basically a notebook system which incorporates planning, organising, list-makin.

100 things to put in the habit tracker of your planner

100 things to put in your habit tracker of your planner or bullet journal (plus free printable habit tracker)

How to use a habit tracker for your planner or bullet journal ideas list bujo planner inspiration organization time management

WTF Is a bullet journal and why should you start one? An explainer

WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer

My discovery point for Bullet Journals an excellent overview. How To Start A Bullet Journal, AKA A Diary & Planner For Grown-Ass Adults

How to use a planner effectively (without getting overwhelmed or stressed)

How To Use A Planner Effectively (Without Getting Overwhelmed Or Stressed)

24 minimalist bullet journal layouts that will get you hard

24 Minimalist Bullet Journal Layouts That'll Get You Hard

A lot of truly wonderful things are happening in the lovely Bullet Journal world. A great deal of it is thanks to the many talented Bullet Journalists out there. As a thank you, we rounded up the most popular ideas …more

Bullet journal column and row grid counts reference

Infinite Planner is home of bullet journal printables. Some tips and tricks to get organized and become insanely productive with bullet journal