Another lesson on what it means to be a woman in high office

Gender equality: Are we there yet? In 1995, in China, 189 countries adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a comprehensive roadmap to raise the status of women. But two decades after the world's oldest promise to women, how far have we come and which priorities still need attention?
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A great New Zealand NCEA Art project by Mitchell Slade from John Paul College

Art Schools in New Zealand

New Zealand has vast tracts of breathtaking forests and native bush. These raw and unflinching images are part of a dramatic high school photography project exploring the tracking and slaughtering of deer, with images taken during a family hunting trip.

Two decades after the world's oldest promise to women, how far have we come and which priorities still need attention?

Liberal MP Sharman Stone accuses Peta Credlin of failing to support women during her time as chief of staff to former prime minister Tony Abbott.

The release of graphic images of injuries suffered by the former girlfriend of Dallas player Greg Hardy have shocked America.

Dallas Cowboys Greg Hardy should never play NFL again

Over her remarkable career Peta Credlin generally avoided the notorious lady-trap of calling out sexism in politics, but last night she just could not hold it in any more. Sound familiar?

Tony Abbott's former chief of staff, Peta Credlin (pictured), has accepted a new role working with casino mogul James Packer

Woman receives a mammogram

Doctors are concerned budget cuts at WA hospitals are increasing delays in test results being passed on to general practitioners, with a breast cancer patient saying she was shocked her doctor had not be informed about her diagnosis.

Business meeting

This newspaper article is about a research study of Australian companies. It has been said that women that hold at least a quarter of positions on the board, perform better than those with all-male boards.

The characters who have abortions onscreen are overwhelmingly white, middle class young women with boyfriends.

TV shows distort which women get abortions - and why they get them

Gertrude Mongella at the UN's Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995

20 years on from gender equality landmark: Are we there yet?

Hillary Clinton at World Conference on Women

20 Years Ago Today, Hillary Clinton Gave A Rallying Cry For Women's Rights

Not Brockwell.

Man Ejaculates on Journalists Photo and Sends It to Her After She Writes About iPhone App Critically

Holly Brockwell has been the subject of vicious online harassment after writing about the app Stolen.