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For the love of hand screen printing! Inspiration of different styles, colour & techniques.
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a yellow and white floral wallpaper with flowers on it's side, next to a roll of fabric
Screen Printed Wallpaper. Magnolia by Mark Cawood
Hand screen printed wallpaper design by Mark Cawood. Printed in-house at Publisher Textiles.
an intricately designed piece of art on the floor in a warehouse or office building
Wallpaper design, Rum Corps by Mark Cawood
Hand screen printed wallpaper. Three colour print on wallpaper.
an artisticly designed piece of art on the ground
Beautiful Print Design by Merrepen Arts in NT
One colour print textiles. Printed here in Sydney by Publisher Textiles.
two men working on an art project in a library
Traditional screen printing
Hand screen printing in Sydney.
two rows of tables with birds painted on them in a room full of bookshelves
Screen printing in Sydney
Flying Magpie Geese by Dora Diaguma of Babarra Women's Centre.
a green wallpaper with white flowers on it
Magnolia by Mark Cawood
Two colour print on cotton linen. Hand screen printed textiles.
a pink blanket with black birds on it
Flying Magpie Geese for Babbarra Designs
Hand screen printed Magpie Geese for Babbarra Designs. Two colour print design by Dora Diaguma.
Glenwood Summer Scarf - Plum/Dove Grey Summer, Grey, Dove Grey, Summer Scarves, Glenwood, Scarf, Different Styles, Style
Glenwood Summer Scarf - Plum/Dove Grey
Glenwood Summer Scarf - Plum/Dove Grey
an artistic painting with animals and flowers in the foreground, on a dark background
susan_polston's shop on Spoonflower: fabric, wallpaper and home decor
Sydney Zoology by susan_polston
the table is covered with red and white flowers on it's surface, while another bookcase in the background holds several books
Publisher Textiles Hand Screen Printing "Botanica" onto Fabric
Publisher Textiles hand screen printing "Botanica" onto yardage fabric. AMAZING. Trying really hard not to get ideas, here...
lemons with leaves and seeds on a light gray background seamless wallpaper pattern is available at
Pattern Textiles / Floral Patterns / Pattern Perfect / Prints Pattern
an abstract floral pattern with pink and green flowers in the center, on a blue background
print & pattern
print & pattern
an abstract blue and white pattern with wavy lines
SERP | Shop
Seigaiha (wave design)
an abstract blue and gold wallpaper with wavy lines
10 New Gold Pieces from CB2 that Add Some Glam to Any Space — Modern Tiki Lounge
Gold Rush: 10 New Pieces from CB2 that Create a Classy Resort Vibe — MODERN TIKI LOUNGE
marimekko Casual, Couture, Haute Couture, Tops, Dresses, Marimekko Dress, Marimekko, Dress, Robe
Pugly Pixel Resource & Tutorial Showcase
a blue and white striped background with an image of a boat floating in the water
WAKE - via Phil Jones. This perfectly combines my love for all things stripe and all things boat. The blue sends me overboard.
an abstract background with lines in black and white
Dark Side of Typography
Unknown, . (2015). Dark Side of Typography. [Unknown]. , retrived from
a floral pattern with red flowers and green leaves
Wallpaper Australian made for commercial and residential interiors.
bees in the bottlebrush pattern
an abstract black and white pattern on paper
Static :: Judy Ross Textiles
'Static' - cream / black rug at Judy Ross Textiles
a black and white painting with large leaves on it's side, in front of a dark background
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a card with the words you can do anything but not everything
an image of dragonflies in black and white on a wallpapered paper background
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the samsung galaxy s4 phone case is designed with colorful feathers and leaves on it
Feathers Fabric
vintage feather fabric
#marimekkodesignhouse #kasvu Marimekko Fabric, Sandberg Wallpaper, Textil Design, Pvc Fabric, 카드 디자인, Oil Cloth
#marimekkodesignhouse #kasvu
an abstract painting with trees and hills in blue, green, yellow and white colors
Scandinavian style print by Sanna Annukka. #print, #pattern, #Scandinavian
a blue and red forest print on white fabric
Trees screenprint
Trees by Eleanor Rudge
a blue and white fabric with clouds on it
the fabric has black and yellow designs on it
Natalie Gerber - 50's inspired screen-printed fabrics