Kangaroo Knotted Blue Kyanite Necklace

Rustic knotted Kangaroo leather threaded through a large polished blue kyanite stone.Blue Kyanite stone "a strong spiritually groun

Trust Bracelet

Let the fear go and trust, Trust will get you far . and then some So wear this bracelet as a reminder to stay true to yourself , and not let Fear & Judgm

Dimensional Love Necklace

🌿❤️ Dimensional Love ❤️🌿Love comes from all angles By feeling love inwards from the unknown allows you to reach your highest self .

Gentle Goddess Necklace

Raw Blue calcite pendant hung through braided kangaroo leather. Or hung on a Brass chain with kangaroo leather threaded through

Paua Rings

Paua from New Zealand, Pools of the Pacific, A nice reminder of the Ocean 🌊 Bringing you calming energy to soothe your soul.

Sacred Kauri Ring

When you look at these magical shells that have been found on the northern beaches in NSW you will know just how magical they are. The original sign of the godd

Citrine Brass Ring

These Citrine Clusters set on a Bold Brass Base If you Need to revitalize your mind, enhance your concentration and get excited about life? Citrine is for you!

Adventurine Raw Ring

Adventurine Raw Ring

Taiga Fields Feather earrings

Taiga Fields Feather earrings

Cowrie Drop Earrings

Cowrie shells reminds us of our inner strength , we all have the power to have a strong mind & a full heart.

Crystal Drop Earrings

Crystal Drop Earrings

Pyrite Sterling Silver Earrings

Pyrite Sterling silver studs 🙌🏽Pyrite is a unique protector, drawing energy from the Earth through the physical body and into the aura creating a defensive shie

Drop Bracelet

I used ♡ Quartz as It has a gently flowing energy that removes blockages and fear, balancing the polarities and opening the way to necessary change ♡ These bra

Crystal Drop Necklace "Citrine" Short

A stunning necklace with the light an warmth of citrine to nourish your spirit. Core properties: Manifestation, generosity, imagination, personal will, mental c

Vitality Necklace

The Tonic Stone . also called Chalcopyrite has the ability to remove negative energy blockages within each Chakra and shortly after beings to open each.

Sterling Silver Small Trio Necklace

Three tiny Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" Have been wired with sterling silver & are then hung from a sterling silver chain. Clarity, Imagination & c