NEW RECIPE ON THE BLOG: Simple Almond blender cake - dairy, grain and gluten free

Simple Almond Blender Cake

Keeping my late grandmère’s Sunday afternoon cake tradition rolling on here in Mauritius, this simple almond blender cake was born because I wanted to make a “stick it all in a blender

NEW RECIPE: Love Pad Thai? I've done a little something similar with greater nutrient variety and big flavour <3 Cashew and zucchini thai noodles for a Pad Thai fix

Cashew and Zucchini Thai Noodles

Recipe: I wanted a thai noodle fix. I had cashews and zucchinis and thought: Hmm, I’ll halve the rice noodle amount and do the other half as zoodles. It sooo hit the spot. I love half halving the car…

NEW RECIPE. Enjoy! <3 Pumpkin and Spinach Brown rice risotto

Pumpkin and Spinach Brown Rice Risotto

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Feel the need for some kitchen short cut action? Simple Oven Baked Dinner is short cut central and delicious <3

Simple Oven Baked Dinner

NEW RECIPE: Choose your own adventure lunchbox bar - Let's make lunch boxes EASY this year, ok? Because truth is, they are with the smallest bit of preparation <3

Choose Your Own Adventure Lunchbox Bar

NEW RECIPE: Choose your own adventure lunchbox bar - Let's make lunch boxes EASY this year, ok? Because truth is, they are with the smallest bit of preparation

NEW RECIPE: Crunchy banana buckwheat bars and they are GOOOOOD <3

Crunchy Banana Buckwheat Bars

What do crunchy banana buckwheat bars and the Easter hat parade at school have in common? My avoidance of craft and my affirmation that my contribution to school fundraising and activities comes be…

NEW RECIPE: Seedy banana snack bites. Enjoy! <3

Seedy Banana Snack Bites

These banana snack bites are a yummy, easy number to whip up for work or lunchbox snacks – At a pinch they’re a super nutrient packed breakfast option on a crazy morning. They are packe…

NEW RECIPE: Hazelnut cinnamon and apple cake (with gooey apple bits underneath!) Enjoy x

Hazelnut Cinnamon and Apple Cake

hazelnut cinnamon and apple cake WITH gooey apple caramel bits underneath. I had to take dessert to a friend& for dinner last night. So I did a bit of a mix…

NEW ON THE BLOG: My winter drinks collection - Guaranteed to be your comfort in a cup x

10 delicious winter drinks recipes

Which drink will you be making? Pumpkin Spiced Latte is sounding good!

NEW RECIPE: Fragrant herbed brown rice (or cauliflower rice) - So good as a side <3

Fragrant Herbed Brown Rice (or Cauli Rice)

We can oh so easily fall into the trap of thinking we don't have time to make things from scratch - even the most seasoned from scratch people I know (including myself) do - but the reality is, it takes the time it takes the kettle to boil and the tea bag to steep to make a summer's worth of pesto. Enjoy this dairy free recipe or swap the nutritional yeast for a couple of big chunks of parmeggiano reggiano <3 Nutrient Rich Dairy Free Pesto

Nutrient Rich Dairy Free Pesto

This nutrient rich dairy free pesto is as delicious as it is nourishing. It’s perfect for when there’s a dairy free person to cater for but you don’t want to ‘hold the delic…

WEEKEND PICK: Gluten free apple cinnamon hotcakes. Enjoy! <3

Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Hotcakes

New to the blog: My Beautiful baked zucchini is up and it is SO SO easy! Enjoy x

Beautiful Baked Zucchini

Beautiful baked zucchini - Vegetarian meal ideas - Veggie Love from Low Tox Life

Gosh it's been a year since I created this!  Luscious Raw Cheese Cake

Luscious Raw Cheese Cake

Start the year as you wish to continue. Shall we do that creatively, proactively and deliciously? They can all be summed up with this raw cheese cake. I feel like I& come really late to the…