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The Lewis Expedition Bag-SR

The Lewis Expedition Bag - Built like a tank, but with the touch of a fine craftsman, The Lewis Expedition Bag is made with the best leather and hardware available and is made for exploring.


This is so freaking beautiful. Martin Sheaths, Halftanned leather with a removable kydex liner.

Helle Dokka Folding Knife. This is Norwegian Helle's first foldable in 80 years. It has a strong, triple-laminated stainless steel blade and birch handle into a folding package. The Dokka gives you 3.5 inches of blade that creates a sexy wooden sculpture when folded into its 4.6-inch handle.

A venerable Norwegian Knife company, started in 1932 finally decides to make a folding blade in The Helle Dokka Folding Knife