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M11 | Galileo Clock | Charles Maxwell | Flickr

with another clock! This one is a version (adaptation) of a Century clock made from a drawing left by Galileo (in Pisa, Italy) to his son. His son attempted and failed to build his father's clock and it wasn't until the c.

Create your own paracord dog leash.

Want to learn how to make a paracord dog leash? It& a fun and easy project. I will take you through 5 easy steps to complete this paracord dog leash.

Secret Shelf | Free Plans | Step 3

DIY Secret Floating Shelf - Free Plans - Rogue Engineer DIY Secret Floating Shelf - Free Plans - Rogue Engineer Original article and pic.

10 ridiculously satisfying, perfectly looped mechanical GIFs to entrance you | 22 Words

Some exotic gear mechanisms are just that. They exist to prove they can exist. But there are plenty of real world applications for special gear mechanisms and the fundamentals are a required course .

90 Degrees Uniform Motion Transmitter

This was the label it came with. I disagree with the 'uniform' bit. Having said that, it's an awesome mechanism.