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two pink flowers with yellow stamens in the foreground and green foliage in the background
A peach cattleya - Pot. Edith North 'Danny Adams'- photographed at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, December 2016. Now on my wanted list, this is gorgeous.
orange and blue flowers with green stems in the foreground, on a mountain side
National Geographic Wild Planet | These are some of the most exotic plants ever 😮 | Facebook
two pink and yellow flowers are in the foreground, next to a tree with green leaves
How to Grow and Care for Cattleya Orchids | Gardener’s Path
some red flowers are growing in the middle of a large tree with green leaves on it
Vanda on tree
a bunch of yellow flowers hanging from a tree
Gorgeous! Wish I knew what this is.
purple and white flowers are growing in the grass
Cattleya pumila f. coerulea
some very pretty flowers hanging from a plant in a room with plants and potted plants
cymbidium cricket
a painting of a white flower with green leaves
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Gardenia Flower Digital Download Poster Art - Etsy
pink and white flowers are blooming in the garden
Are You Guilty of Any of These Common Rose-Growing Mistakes?