Russian sage, Verbena bonariensis, Mexican Feather grass, Miscanthus, purple and grey plant combination design by Giardino Segreto

Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas

Jewel Box Garden ~ "…in suburban Hurstville, Sydney… by foremost Australian landscape designer Paul Bangay. Like the rocks and stepping stones for planting strip area.

Koi Designed by Christopher Owen Landscape Design. Silver Medal winning garden 'Tread Lightly' at the Australian Garden Show Sydney.

Landscape designer Andrea Cochran uses drought-tolerant plants from around the world in her work. In this Geyserville, California yard, she chose a low-watering Australian herb, Lomandra, to frame the Cor-Ten steel staircase.

Banksia blechnifolia is a species of prostrate shrub in the plant genus Banksia. Found in sandy soils in the south coastal region of Western Australia in the vicinity of Lake King, it is non-lignotuberous, regenerating by seed after bushfire

Australian Tree Fern (Cyathea cooperi 'Brentwood') Need something lush to fill that empty spot? Here's your answer. This fern's formidable stature and upward-arching fronds say, "Look at me." It's a great choice for sunrooms and foyers. Keys to success: This guy loves regular moisture and won't forgive you if you forget. Bright light is a must, but if the frond edges start to brown, find a shadier spot. Mist the trunk and fronds frequently.

Dicksonia Antarctica (Tasmanian Tree Fern) One of my absolute favs and the most cold hardy of the tree ferns. Did fine under oaks in zone SC coast.