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Evergreen Magnolia Hedge. Click for info on how to care for magnolias.

If you want to grow an Evergreen magnolia hedge you are best using a Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ or Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ as these are dwarf varieties of the…

pleached ficus flash hedge - Google Search

Shafer Design Ltd. In coastal temperate regions of Australia this look can be achieved using Waterhousea floribunda GREEN AVENUE Pbr or Acmena smithii SUBLIME Pbr - also good options where container size is limited.

Choose the stylish, pristine Fully Frameless Channel. Or perhaps the Semi Frameless Stainless solution is more your style? The Quikwire Timber Insert Kit is perfect for retro fits. Whether you have a balcony, decking or patio that needs protecting, we've got a system that's economical, practical and safe. See for yourself -

Frameless, semi-frameless and Quikwire: find the style to suit any home.