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If you don't have this pic of Luke in your 5sos board I'm judging you>>> OH MY GOSH WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS.

ASHTON-im very happy and peaceful LUKE- *being adorably weird* CALUM- ah yes this is normal behavior for my band


after their little climb down a building which almost gave me a heart attack>>>>>they had a little superhero photoshoot😊

It's been updated :,)

That photo of Ashton is really young and the rest of them are recent photo

Same Ashton same!

Ashton the creeper xD

When all of a sudden you realize you're the hit bassist in 5sos>> Calum's like bitch I'm flawless

Calum trying to be dramatic with a hair dryer


♡ wtf is luke drinking tho

Ashton!! Yes he can!!

Oh my gosh ashton ❤️❤️❤️

XD XD XD Ashton's face is priceless XD XD XD

Happy tears>>> it doesn't matter how much they've grown their still holding on to luke . Now I'm really crying

What I like about 5sos is that they´re not like other bands, they´re special and original, and when someone compares them with other bands I just tell them to shut up cause they´re unique in their own way

5 seconds of summer photo shoot for I don't know xD

We did it guys. We made their dreams come true... :')>>>> I'm definitely not crying.... FUCKING ninjas cutting onions.

I cry every time