The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Roppongi Hills

While we had a very negative experience in Roppongi, the Roppongi Hills tower makes for a nice picture.

Hobart to Kingston

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Light Show

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Blue & Red Sunset

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To and Fro

Tokyo Tower gave us the perfect opportunity to try and show the vastness of the city and the bustle of it. But, Tokyo just doesn't feel as frantic as Melbourne!


The Cenotaph containing the names of all the known victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, with the Flame of Peace and then the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in the background.

Atomic Bomb Dome

On August the building was severely damaged and burnt by the first atomic bomb ever used in war. The Atomic Bomb Dome is a symbol of Hiroshima and an appeal for world peace.

Golden Waterfront

A closer view of the Hobart Waterfront by night, the moon casting a golden glow across the water. The Wrest Point Casino is clearly visible in this shot, dominating the waters edge.

Sandy Bay to Glenorchy

Looking north towards Glenorchy I was able to capture the city of Hobart with Sandy Bay on the right.

Albert Park at Night

The ever present old tower that has the Mercedes Benz logo on the top in the foreground and Albert Park in the background.

Bright Lights

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Far Away, So Close

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