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All recipes are from the Luvele Life recipe blog and are created using our yogurt makers, blender system, meat grinders or food dehydrators.


Dehydrating muscatel grape clusters

Delicious and decorative. Muscatel grapes are well known for their distinctive, sweet and bold flavour, so we were very excited to sample them dried. We recently dehydrated two varieties of grapes to make homemade raisins and absolutely loved the results. One of my favourite items on a cheeseboard are dried bunches of

Simple almond pulp crackers with caraway

Vegan & Paleo If you hate waste and you’re wondering what to do with the pulp left-over after you make homemade almond milk, (or any other nut milk) than these tasty crackers are your answer. Almond pulp crackers with caraway seeds are full of flavour, have a satisfying crunch and are very more-ish! They’re a healt

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Make your own raisins in a food dehydrator

Sweet little morsels of dried deliciousness. Grapes have become a popular backyard crop, but as with many seasonal fruits, they come in all at once and often there’s way too many to just eat fresh. Dehydrating is a great way to preserve your harvest. It takes a little prep and some patience but with the Breeze dehydrat

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Protein packed peanut butter

Homemade, no nasties, spread Making your own nut butters is such a great way to make use of those extra nuts and seeds laying around in the pantry. The Vibe blender turns nuts and seeds into the best, spreadable paste in no time. Whether you like it crunchy or smooth or somewhere in between there’s no limits here. Add

Spiced baked peaches with yogurt (GAPS & SCD) Dinner Party Desserts, Summer Desserts, Baked Peach, Homemade Yogurt, Yogurt Recipes, Peaches, Food Inspiration, Sugar Free, Whole Food Recipes

Spiced baked peaches with yogurt (GAPS & SCD)

Healthy, simple & delicious. Warm and gooey right out of the oven, this easy, sugar-free, baked, peach dessert is the perfect end to just about any meal. Topped with a big dollop of creamy homemade yogurt we can't imagine a better, crowd-pleasing, gut-loving summer dessert. To get the most flavour out of peaches, w

How to dehydrate broccoli for storage Frozen Broccoli, Fresh Broccoli, Super Green Smoothie, Dried Vegetables, Hiking Food, Salad Spinner, Gaps Diet, Super Greens, Dehydrator Recipes

How to dehydrate broccoli for storage

Stock your pantry with preserved greens. Dehydrating is a great way to preserve your gardens summer harvest of broccoli. By dehydrating it, you can have broccoli whenever we want, without going shopping or buying out of season. The process is easy, and you are left with dried produce that takes up very little room and

Activated Macadamia nut milk recipe Nut Milk Recipe, Milk Recipes, Whole Food Recipes, Homemade Almond Milk, Medjool Dates, Soy Milk, Food Inspiration, Glass Of Milk, Smoothies

Activated Macadamia nut milk recipe

Creamy & naturally sweet There’s no shortage of alternative milks on the market these days but it can be hard to find the right one for the right purpose! If you love your milk coffees but need an alternative to dairy, macadamia milk may just be the one for you. It’s incredibly creamy, very slightly sweet and the m

How to dehydrate papaya + gut loving papaya granola recipe Make Your Own Granola, Best Granola, Homemade Trail Mix, Gaps Diet, Homemade Yogurt, Gluten Free Oats, Eat, Recipes

How to dehydrate papaya + gut loving papaya granola recipe

Fertiliser for the gut! We know fruit is good for our health, but some are in a whole different league - the papaya happens to be one of them. Jam-packed with health benefits, the papaya is a nutrient-dense, unique-tasting tropical super-fruit. The easiest way to reap all the health benefits is to eat lots of papaya, b

German Quark is easy to make at home Home Made Cream Cheese, Make Cream Cheese, How To Make Cheese, Quark Recipes, Yogurt Recipes, Baking Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Homemade Yogurt, Homemade Cheese

German Quark is easy to make at home

You’ll luv the taste of this creamy soft cheese. Quark is a German fermented milk product with a creamy texture which is classified as an unaged, soft cheese. It tastes somewhere between sour cream and yogurt - but is a little sweeter than both and without the tang. It’s a delicious and versatile dairy ingredient that

Paleo chocolate and zucchini blender bread Chocolate Zucchini Bread, Paleo Chocolate, Whole Food Recipes, Cake Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Hidden Vegetables, Original Recipe, Healthy Desserts, The Fresh

Paleo chocolate and zucchini blender bread

Whip up this easy recipe and surprise everyone! It had been on my mind to develop a zucchini bread to use up some of the fresh summer zucchini I’d be given. Scrolling through Luvele’s Instagram feed, which is always full of amazing and healthy recipe ideas, I fell upon ‘Comfy Belly’s’ chocolate and zucchini bread. Why

How to dry mango in a food dehydrator Dried Mangoes, Dried Fruit, Gaps Diet, Most Satisfying, Dehydrator Recipes, A Food, Snacks, Healthy, Appetizers

How to dry mango in a food dehydrator

THE RESULT IS ALMOST CANDY-LIKE! Dried mango slices are a favourite of many. Even the fussiest of eaters enjoy snacking on a slice of sweet, chewy dried mango. Dehydration intensifies the flavour and the sweetness, so dried mango becomes almost candy-like! Most commercially produced dried mangoes are dipped in sulphi

Homemade pork, apple and fennel sausages Pork And Apple Sausage Recipe, Sausage Recipes, Easy Pasta Dishes, Sausages, Whole Food Recipes, Homemade

Homemade pork, apple and fennel sausages

Plus step by step how to video Not many people are able to say they make their own sausages! With the Luvele Eclipse Meat Grinder it has been made possible. Sausages are such a great family staple and making them yourself gives you the freedom to get creative and have peace of mind knowing exactly what’s in them. Ther

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Simple guacamole

SIMPLE GUACAMOLE MADE IN A BLENDER There’s no doubt about it, if a guacamole is going to be any good, it HAS to be home made. Make your own in a matter of a couple of minutes in your Vibe Blender and you’ll never go back to store bought again. This is a very basic recipe for an easy, smooth guacamole. The beauty of mak

Dehydrating fruit pretreatment & drying times + chart Tart Taste, Non Organic, Cinnamon Chips, New Fruit, Natural Preservatives, Dehydrated Food, Stone Fruit, Granny Smith, Dried Fruit

Dehydrating fruit pretreatment & drying times + chart

Pre-treatment guide for dehydrating fruit. Fruit is one of the easiest things to begin dehydrating in the Luvele Breeze. Many fruits require little or no special pre-treatment whatsoever so you can enjoy dried fruit for snacking or long term storage in no time at all. Dehydrating fruit is best done at the peak of the s

Beetroot Hummus Garlic Juice, Hummus Dip, Greek Yoghurt, Spice Mixes, Beetroot, Serving Dishes, Food Inspiration, Whole Food Recipes, Dips

Beetroot Hummus

A delicious twist on the classic Of course, hummus is perfect as is, but adding beetroot is a really great way to take a classic hummus to the next level. The beetroot gives a beautiful sweetness and the most amazing pink colour. This dip is what you’re looking for to bring with you to your next get together. Serve it

Your guide to dehydrating fruit & vegetables Dehydrated Vegetables, Dehydrated Food, Fruits And Vegetables, Biltong, Cinnamon Chips, Natural Preservatives, Dehydrator Recipes, Food Science, Granny Smith

Your guide to dehydrating fruit & vegetables

The possibilities are endless! We hope you Luv your Luvele Breeze Food Dehydrator as much as we enjoyed designing it. The Luvele team have been designing food dehydrators for over 10 years, and the ‘Breeze’ marks our fifth design iteration. Check out our intro video here. We believe we have thought of just about everyt