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an outdoor seating area with straw umbrellas on the roof and chairs in the background
Maja Canggu
three wooden stools sitting next to each other near a palm tree on the side of a building
BALÉ | Artisanal Homewares
two potted plants sit in front of a white wall with a shower head and hand held faucet
Yucca Villas - What dreams are made of - Bali Interiors
a wooden table sitting on top of a gravel covered ground next to a white fence
The lens and i - Travel print store by Ilana Sallick (thelensandi) - Profile | Pinterest
a white house with cactus plants in front of it
Design Destination :: La Serena Villas Boutique Hotel in Palm Springs (coco kelley)
a white house with a small tree in the yard
a bike is parked in front of a white house with a wooden walkway leading to it
Talm beach house: heavenly Port Stephens accommodation
several potted plants are sitting on the ground
Au Naturel in Auckland: A Beachside Courtyard by Jared Lockhart Design - Gardenista
an outdoor garden with several wooden planters filled with dirt and plants in the middle
European Garden Inspiration - Seeking Lavender Lane
there are many different types of cacti on this wall and in the planter