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corpse party edits | Tumblr

corpse party edits | Tumblr

OMG I JUST FINISHED WATCHING CORPSE PARTY TOO AND I LOVE LOVE LOOOVVVEE PIKACHU!!!!! *crawls up in a blanket in a ball goes to corner and cries*

Watching Pokemon will be odd now, since I know Pikachu’s voice actor is the same as Sachiko. ((Ikue Ōtani is the name of the voice actor. Click her name to be taken to the wikipedia page and see more of who she has voiced))

You have no idea it was like a middle finger right it your face... I still love it though

I legit just collapsed and cried when the credits appeared. (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ It was literally a back hand slap to the face_ Corpse Party .

corpse party...i´m crying right now...I thought this guy was the best of Corpse Party...

bad_end blonde_hair blood blood_on_face bloody_clothes blue_eyes blue_hair corpse_party guro kishinuma_yoshiki kneeling long_hair school_uniform serafuku shinozaki_ayumi short_hair short_twintails socks tears torn_clothes twintails