Bright orange sand for the mark making area this week. Thanks to Rachel at stimulating learning again for the printables I use in this area!

Practicing fine motor manipulation of hand movements to help promote handwriting skills in the sand. Prompt cards are used for children to copy the shapes.

KS1 Aboriginal rainsticks

- Aboriginal rainsticks are a fun and educational activity that focus on how different uses of various materials can be combined to create something that was used in Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal Coloring Pages!

Aboriginal Colouring Pages

Aboriginal Colouring Pages gifted to Brisbane Kids by local indigenous artists for the free non commercial enjoyment of Kids in Brisbane

Naidoc Week is fast approaching and I was looking for some ways for our boys to learn about the Aboriginal people of Australia and their culture. I created these Aboriginal Symbol Stones that can be used in many ways for our boys to find out about the history of the the Aboriginal people. To create your own Aboriginal Dreamtime …

Aboriginal Symbol Stones

This pack includes vocabulary cards and note booking pages, covering nine Aboriginal Symbols. You can find out how we used this pack here: Aboriginal Symbol Stones.

Australian Indigenous Art – Aboriginal Dot Painting Integrated Art (10 Crafts from Around the World - In The Playroom)

10 Crafts from Around the World

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes

Access denied Making a pipe cleaner craft is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination with little ones, and these beaded snakes are a fun way to do just that!

the teacher wife: camping in the classroom

What camping theme would be complete without a fake fire for the classroom? This one is made from rocks, twigs and tissue that I think could stand up to the classroom test.

Native Americans used these word-pictures to communicate and to tell stories that were handed down from generation to generation.

Traditional and Native American Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

At Thanksgiving, let's present additional high quality coloring pages for the kids that picture more about real-life American History than they may have been taught in school. We know that there were no such things as .

Learn about the meaning of Aboriginal Symbols - CleverPatch. Simple activity for NAIDOC Week

Aboriginal Symbol Discovery Tray - Learn about the meaning of Aboriginal Symbols - CleverPatch. Simple activity for NAIDOC Week

Starbright Booragoon Toddlers room - Naidoc week

Teepee for the summer!

NAIDOC Aboriginal Activities from The Resource Queen on - (46 pages) - This is a fun unit for the younger student to explore the culture and traditions of the Australian Aborigines. Perfect for celebrating NAIDOC week.

NAIDOC Aboriginal Activities

This unit is a great resource to introduce Aboriginal customs and traditions for the younger students. This can be used for NAIDOC week or anytime of the year that you want to explore some Aboriginal traditions.