A penguin tour to see the little penguins of Low Head, Tasmania

The only way to see the Little Penguins at Low Head, Tasmania is on a guided tour. Although you can wander through the reserve during the day, it is closed to the general public for several hours before and after sunset each night.

The White Wallabies of Bruny Island.

Bruny Island, a small island off the coast of Tasmania is home to a colony of rare white wallabies. Within half an hour of arriving we saw two of these beautiful creatures up very close.

Where to find platypus in Tasmania.

This was platypus country and we had come in search of one of Australia's most elusive little creatures. The platypus is an egg-laying mammal. Along with echidnas it is the only mammal alive today which lays eggs instead of suckling its young .

Port Arthur, Tasmania - A World Heritage Convict Site

The World Heritage-listed Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania is Australia's most intact convict site. Read everything you need to know about visiting Port Arthur here .

Cycling in Hobart

Cycling in Hobart: The Intercity Cycleway and The Clarence Foreshore Trail

Cafe Sheffield, Tasmania's North

The Treasures of North West Tasmania, Australia

The Treasures of North West Tasmania, Australia - Travelsewhere