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Mick Triplett
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Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor | Viviendas Paradiset | Estocolmo, Suecia | 2013

A mini-Manhattan on Kungsholmen Kjellander + Sjöberg creates a new residential infill on Western Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. Etaget, in the ‘Paradiset block, is a distinctive addition with a strong urban identity.

[Image: From “Brooklyn Co-operative” by Yannis Halkiopoulos, University of Westminster; courtesy RIBA President’s Medals]. I was clicking around on the RIBA President’s Meda…

ICHOT "Gate Of Poznan" - Picture gallery

Image 5 of 48 from gallery of Ichot - Gate of Poznan / Ad Artis Architects. Photograph by Wojciech Krynski