Leucophyta brownii - silver cushion bush. Australian native.

Leucophyta brownii, the silver cushion bush. an Australian native and excellent drought-resistant ground cover

Horticulturist Hendrik Van Leeuwen’s garden offers much food for thought. It’s a shining example of a [productive urban garden](http://www.homestolove.com.au/ripe-for-the-picking-a-productive-urban-garden-3508) and it shows how we could all make better use of our backyards. *Project: [Van Leeuwen Green](http://www.vanleeuwengreen.com/) | Photography: Claire Takacs*

12 Inspiring Suburban Gardens

Horticulturist Hendrik Van Leeuwen’s garden is a shining example of a productive urban garden and shows how we could make better use of our backyards.

Edna Walling garden

How would living for more than 30 years with an Edna Walling creation change your attitude towards her work?

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Lovely courtyard garden - great idea for a small city courtyard - dig out the lawn and pave, then add shade-tolerant plants


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Alexander palms and cordylines reach toward the canopy. Below, *Trachelospermum jasminoides* ‘Tricolor’, one of the hardiest groundcover plants, spills from its raised bed.

A Tropical Oasis on the NSW North Coast