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an image of some plants and water in their terrariums with text that reads build a
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Build
Here are 6 easy steps to build a DIY waterfall in your terrarium 1. Put water pump at bottom of your terrarium. 2. Add 2-3" of HydroBalls. 3. Place Mesh on top of the HydroBalls to cover the entire bottom. Cut a small hole in the mesh & feed tubing through the hole. 4. Cover mesh with Eco Earth, then place the Mopani Wood inside the terrarium. Direct the waterfall to cascade over the wood. 5. Decorate! 6. Fill the base with water about 2" of water. Plug in the pump and enjoy!
an info sheet describing the different types of algaes
Six Amazing Benefits Of The Marimo Moss Ball Pet
the best plants to go in dragon cages for bearded lizards and other reptiles
Best Plants For Bearded Dragon Cages
A review of the best plants for bearded dragon cages and the effect of plants in your terrarium. [Supply Details]