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the water is clear and blue in the jungle
Up the valley
Underneath the Broken River bridge, Eungella National Park, Queensland, Australia.
a river with rocks and grass on the bank under a cloudy blue sky filled with clouds
Pioneer Valley, Mackay QLD
the sun is setting over a lush green valley with rolling hills and trees in the distance
Guide To Visiting Eungella National Park & Seeing Wild Platypus!
Eungella National Park, Queensland, Australia. The best place to see platypus in the wild!
mossy rocks and water in a stream surrounded by trees
Finchhatton Gorge Mackay QLD
a red kite flying over a lush green valley
Pioneer Valley, Mackay
the platy - fact poster is shown in green and white, with an image of
Guide to finding platypus at Eungella National Park
A guide to finding Platypus! Just saying the name Duck-billed Platypus tells you that this is one strange creature! It was such an oddity that when descriptions
there are many wooden signs pointing to different places in the woods that you can see
Platypus Bush Camp camping site
two people standing on the edge of a waterfall
Eungella National Park #nationalpark #mackay #travel
two people swimming in the water next to some rocks and trees with green moss growing on them
Mackay Queensland Travel Info
Finch Hatton Gorge-just ask the locals how to get there.(image courtesy of Tourism Qld)
three green and red frogs sitting on top of a tree branch in the night time
Eungella National Park: Home to Platypus, Birds and Diverse Wildlife - Travel Photography
Red-eyed tree frogs line up at Eungella National Park, Australia
a red and blue bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Camping with Platypus at Eungella: How to Spot this Fascinating Australian Icon - Travel Photography
Crimsom Rosella at Eungella National Park in Queensland Australia.
a small waterfall in the middle of a forest
Guide To Visiting Finch Hatton Gorge, Queensland
Araulen Cascades - Finch Hatton Gorge near Mackay in Queensland, Australia.
a duck floating in the water with its head above the water's surface and it's mouth open
Eungella National Park: Home to Platypus, Birds and Diverse Wildlife - Travel Photography
SPOT PLATYPUS IN THE WILD Shy, elusive, easily frightened and creatures of dawn and dusk, the Platypus is notorious for being nearly impossible to spot in the wild. We stay at Broken River Mountain Resort, situated on the bank of Broken River it is the place to stay for ultimate access to the Platypus.
a woman wading through a river surrounded by lush green trees and rocks in the water
Locals guide to Mackay's great outdoors
Boulder Creek | A local's guide to Mackay