Open ended questions, can encourage children to further develop their thinking during play.

Imprints From Tricia : 6 Open Ended Questions To Ask During Play. Great ideas of open-ended questions that can give the CCLS good insight into what the child is thinking.

This picture describes some of the learning possibilities that children can learn from home corner experiences.

Home-corner poster rules - Having a home center enables students to play with each other and enjoy learning so much from one another.

This pin gives examples on how to incorporate sustainable practice in  your service. Learning about sustainability though play is a great way for children to start to learn about the environment around them.

Sustainability - How can Early Years Educators show evidence of embedded practice

Spr 17 Environments: Love this practice of teaching young children how to use Sustainable Practice in early years services - how educators can embed and show evidence of practice in early childhood services.

This picture shows a "bits and Pieces' open craft table, this encourages children to not feel restricted with their creations.

Irresistible Ideas for play based learning

The top picture of this pin, shows children creating faces, using 'bits and pieces'. Sitting down with the children and using this as a teaching moment about our bodies and face features.

A Week of Play Based Learning - Ideas, Activities and Inspiration

Ideas, Inspiration and Activities for fun play based learning - Easy and budget friendly! See more at Mummy Musings and Mayhem family fun activities

This picture shows, using nature with un-coloured play-dough, with 'bits and pieces' from the garden. This experience encourages children to create their own mini garden, or what they can imagine it to be and then make it.

Exploring Nature through Playdough

Exploring nature through wholemeal playdough and loose natural parts.

This photo shows a child engaged in play with a patty cake tin, he is using nature in each of the sections and is pouring water in to each of them.

24 More DIY Educational Activities for Kids

Water Experiment: Find Out What Absorbs Water!

This child has created a house using natural resources. Educators have brought in natural material from outside and children are to use their imagination to create their masterpieces.

a bath mat stops loose parts moving around - Natural resource creation at Tu Tamariki - Play Based Learning (",)

This photo shows a baby exploring sensory play, Learning through play in a tub of spaghetti.

Exploring Montessori Sensory Play with Babies

Montessori Sensory Play for babies, Sensory play, Montessori, Baby play…

We know play provides opportunities for children to learn. This pictures depicts how in-depth children can learn through play.

Why do we care about play? Did you know that more than just about any other activity, play is what promotes the healthy development of your child! The most important thing to remember about play is that it should be pleasurable.

This photo shows a table an educator set up to explore measurement through play.

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: Exploring Measurement Through Play - Mass

Different-sized pieces of tree cuttings for children to; explore, construct, incorporate into imaginative play.

Different-sized pieces of tree for children to; explore, construct, incorporate into imaginative play. Would love to have this in my block center

Child engaged in risky play, using a hammer to hammer in nails. The  EYLF states, ‘children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency when they take considered risks in their decision-making and cope with the unexpected’ (DEEWR, 2009).

Teacher Tom: Fifty Dangerous Things You should let your children do

This pictures shows a child using sticks during play. This type of play could be considered as risky play. It shows that these educators encourage children to use their imagination with sticks rather then telling them to put the stick back in the garden.

Aunt Annie's Childcare: Turning parents on to risky play