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if only dean had the balls to say, "i love you too." THEN KISS>>> YES <<< that would be the perfect destiel realization

"Supernatural" Is An Absolutely Bonkers Show And These Tumblr Posts Prove It

"Supernatural" Is An Absolutely Bonkers Show And These Tumblr Posts Prove It

Also could be a suggestion that Dean is protecting Sam. As in John Winchester used to beat his boys. And Dean was always there to put a stop to it before Sammy got seriously hurt.

This is an angel with emotions and not knowing what to do but them....also character development!!!!

"You think I came because you called?" / "I always come when you call." That's what we call a character developing feelings

If Destiel is so canon why is it not canon

Go sit in the corner and think about your life! <--- I think we need to have a seminar about the appropriate use of "Friendly Reminder". Not a friendly reminder.

Supernatural-plus, in that clenching Dean hopes it will help stop Cas from killing him. The right touch...I mean I've come to conclude that the tablet is not the only thing that broke Cas's connection. How long and how many "Deans" had Naomi made Cas kill? She figured it would be easy, because she trained her good little soldier, but truthfully I think she forgot about this thing that humans hold dear. Family and love. Love. So yeah...just thoughts. ;}

I broke as Cas reached forward to heal him. He reached his hand out and Dean said "Cas. Cas no." Like he thought Cas was gonna finally kill him :'( << same, actual tears

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Misha kissing Jensen <<<<<I don't ship Cockles, but this looks like something of Destiel :)<< DESTIEL! You can just hear all the ovaries exploding from all the Fangirling!