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Repin if you're in the Sherlock fandom!

fandom-mused-fandom-games: note = 1 pixel for your fandom’s symbol (shown above) in an art piece I’m making If you would like to see all of the fandoms, look through these posts IF YOU DON’T SEE.

Oh lord. Sherlock/Frozen. Do you want to play deduction. This fandom is nuts.

my heart! The Frozen feels plus my Sherlock feels! "Do you wanna play deductions?" Yikes thanks for ruining frozen and sherlock for me. So many feels.


"Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist and if they did I wouldn't be one of them." I totally didn't get the hero part until I saw the quote. I'm an idiot.

"The man with the key is king. And honey you should see me in a crown."

I really shouldn't like this… BUT I LOVE IT <-- so jim is scar and sherlock is mufasa--I mean he did make him fall to his doom--minus being deaded by stampeding wildebeests.-----does john count as Simba?

Moriarty - This is so creepy << Did you mean amazing and attractive? I think you meant amazing and attractive<<< mm yes i agree. he is amazing and attractive and EXTREMELY creepy, that's why I love him soooo much.


The first thing I thought of was, "Honey, you should see me in a crown. Because my first thought was 'Honey, you should see me eating cheese crackers.

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