Lower Case Letter Beads-288Pc

Learn to spell with these fun, bright lower case manuscript letter beads. The large holes make stringing easy! The beads can be used with pipe cleaners, laces and string (not included). The beads measure up to Pack of Ages years

Nuts & Bolts Word Construction

Nuts and Bolts Word Construction includes 6 bolts and 30 nuts. Start with consonant, vowel, consonant and make a word. Then, turn any piece to make a new word!

Cube A Link Cubes – 250pcs

Set of 250 linking cubes in 10 assorted colours.

Mini Dinosaurs Counters – Set of 128 in Jar

Mini Dinosaurs Counters – Set of 128 in Jar - MTA Catalogue

Two Colour Counters 200 Pc

two colour counters are great for all sorts of maths activities. Set of 100 two colour counters

Simple Scales

The Simple Scales are sturdy and easy to use. The Simple Scales can be completely dismantled for storage.

Magnetic Lower Case Ridged Letters Pack of 200

Magnetic Lower Case Ridged Letters Pack of 200 - MTA Catalogue

Soft Foam 12 Sided Dice – Yellow

Great for practicing more complex concepts to do with chance and probability, this 12 sided dice measures cm.

Linking Cubes 3 point- 1cm 10 colours 1000pc

This set includes 100 of each of 10 colours – 1000 linking cubes in.

Phonix Set CVC – 270 Cubes

This set of 90 red vowel cubes and 180 blue consonant cubes are supplied in a clear plastic jar. A total of 270 Cubes.

Coloured Wooden Geometric Solids – 24pc

Coloured Wooden Geometric Solids Set - 24 solids in assorted colours and shapes. Contains 7 basic geometric shapes.

Geometric Shapes in Jar – Set of 80pc

Beginning geometry students get a hands-on introduction to solid forms with this tub of plastic shapes.

Paddle Pop Sticks Multicoloured 66mm 1000pce

Paddle Pop Sticks Multicoloured Pack of 1000 - MTA Catalogue