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More Gernsback stuff. The dude in the water wheel looks so serious. He could at least take off his hat.

A new water sport wheel! Build a model of this as an armored invasion device, along with "ball tanks" that would also be amphibious.

New quadruplex TV tape recorder by RCA: compact! (Sponsor, 1964)

This COMPACT dinosaur allower users to record and playback their favorite TV program. This was interactive television before there was TiVo. New quadruplex TV tape recorder by RCA: compact!

A 1950s/early 60s period advert for "Methedrine" (a brand name for Methamphetamine), commonly prescribed as a diet pill and antidepressant. While they took it, housewives felt full of alertness and activity for the next 12 hours. Addiction was common. "Genuinely brighter outlook": yeah, until the crash came and their bodies screamed for the next pill.

Crystal Meth will make you a happier person, apparently. and grandma says we have a drugs problem today , this freaky advert proves it is just that she can't remember what odd stuff she did in the bizarre products of yesteryear