Fresh tomato, chickpea and spinach curry

This easy vegetarian curry recipe is full of fresh and delicate spices. Fresh tomato, chickpea and spinach come together with a delicious herb yogurt in this veggie dish that's ready in just 35 minutes.

Mushroom Curry Recipe | How to make Simple Mushroom Curry

Mushroom curry

Mushroom curry recipe - a mild flavored gravy made from onion, yogurt and few spices with sliced mushrooms in it. Addition of whole spices in mushroom curry makes the whole dish very aromatic.

Moroccan Butternut Curry

This butternut curry is so easy to make and such a delicious hearty vegetarian meal - perfect for a chilly weeknight with warmth from chilli and cinnamon.

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Goat Curry with Dhal and Pilau Rice

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Don’t usually cook curry? It’s perfect for entertaining: you can prepare ahead and it’s impressive. Recipe extracted from Indian Kitchen by Maunika Gowardhan