Mafi & Underfloor Heating

Mafi removes the complexities of wood and underfloor heating through the unique structure of Mafi boards and expert installation methods.

Mafi in Bathrooms

The unique structure & finish of Mafi timber floors allows the wood to process moisture in wet areas, making it ideal for bathrooms & wellness areas.

Mafi: Quality & Structure

Each Mafi floor is made to order, passing through 44 sets of hands for quality assurance. Each board is chemical free.

Mafi: Health & Wellbeing

Mafi has been committed to improving indoor air quality by better understanding the benefits of all-natural timber, within the indoor living space.

Mafi: Care-Free Maintenance

A Mafi floor is maintained using all-natural Mafi Oil Soap, which you simply mix with water when mopping the floor.

Mafi: Asthma and Allergies

Mafi and the National Asthma Council of Australia's Sensitive Choice program are working together to help sufferers of Asthma & Allergies make a better flooring choice.

Mafi: Species & Size

There are over 500 products in the Mafi timber flooring range, featuring 13 species of timber & a variety of lengths up to 5 m & widths up to 300 mm.

Mafi: Sustainability

Environmental and resource efficiency are central to the Mafi philosophy. Mafi timbers are sourced only from managed forests & are FSC certified.

Mafi: All-Natural Finish

Mafi was the first company to opt for a no-compromise lacquer-free, oiled surface finish.